emily,ross & sadie…. almost !

grab a chair and have a seat !!! this is a long post !!!!!!

i am in love …. with this session !!

thank-you emily , ross & sadie .
sadie … you were the reason for this session and i will always be grateful 😉

about a week before our session , i talked with emily and asked her to start looking through magazines to get ideas for our photo session . i gave out examples : cooking in the kitchen together, walking the dog, reading the newspaper and drinking coffee(decaf , of course ;)) , swimming in the pool , etc.

i wanted to create the session around the two of them and what makes them click… what makes them happy… what do they like to do together…

they will soon be all consumed with little sadie and i wanted them to have some fun … just the two of them.

i should correct myself now, they already have a little boy who they do a lot with now and who pretty soon will be a bit jealous – so yes – we can’t forget gunner . gunner is their 2 year old dog who was awesome during the photo shoot and boy does he love his treats !!!! he even gave baby sadie a kiss !!!!…. okay – he was getting a treat off emily’s belly , but hey – it is tooo cute !!!!!!

we captured the family as is now before sadie arrives …. and i am giddy with how it turned out !!!

i will go ahead and get on to the images now….and will write more as i post them 😉

gunner was doing everything they asked .... he loves his treats 😉

family photo .......

and a kiss for baby sadie !!!

sadie was moving a lot at this point ...

oh boy- that was a big move !!! 😉

i am not sure how this happened ... but we were done with laying on the bed and we were talking about what we were going to do next ... and all of a sudden , it was "PILLOW FIGHT " !!!!! it was so hard for me to keep my camera straight - i was laughing hysterically !!!!

i wasn't kidding - they were serious !!!

and no - don't worry , baby sadie was fine !!!

and yes !! emily and sadie win !! heehee 😉

big hugs, laughter and love ...

time for the outdoors .... it was starting to rain right as we ventured out ...

rockin' baby sadie in the rocking chairs ..

we ventured to our down town area to have some fun ... it however started to thunder.... so we ran into our local ice cream store for some fun !!!

the effects of their raspberry ( i think ) sorbet !!!

ok - no more thunder ... back outside !

some dancing in the street !!

and a stroll...

i should mention here for those of you that don't know emily - she is a fitness guru !! the best !!! ..... as they were walking they asked what they should do while they were walking ...and well, they joked a bit together and then emily stops, turns and flexes !! i am telling you , we laughed the entire session !!! it was then ross' turn and well, he decided to keep walking instead ....

and laughing some more...

so we start walking towards the fountain and they decided to get in ... and well, that competitive side of emily started to come out.... first, to compare belly size !! emily , i think you win this one !!

then a game of tag ...

then a push -up contest ... i only think they did one each before we were all busting out with laughter 😉

emily then ran around the fountain and i caught this .... something about this images just gets to me ... i LOVE it !!!!

and since they were already wet, and it was raining a bit - we felt it was the right time to move to the big fountain !!!

just love this one 😉

love it .. !!!

loving the dancing and the dips ross and emily !!!

emily - you are soo fun !!!!

after all the excitement , we headed to the pool for some relaxation .....

and relaxing is even better when the cocktails are brought to you !!!! ross & emily came up with this idea and i absolutely loved it !!! you both ROCK !! thank-you for an amazing day and the many many laughs !!! 😉

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